Effectively Treat,
Your Injuries After an Accident

Eilrich Family Chiropractic & Wellness has your best interests in mind for all of our treatments following your auto-related accident. Cold laser therapy is a highly sought after treatment that utilizes low-level lights.
We can help you effectively treat injuries of all kinds, and we employ the Tenz and ultra-sound therapy for your muscles.
The therapy is applied to the affected areas and promotes cell regeneration, which translates to faster healing, better circulation and metabolism restoration.
The Erchonia Cold Laser has been approved by the FDA for treatment of neck and back pain and studies have shown that it is highly effective.

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Dr. Robert Eilrich

Reap the benefits of cold laser therapy


Manage your condition with cold laser therapy. Wounds, fractures and pain can all be treated effectively by our team. The treatment is beneficial for:
Finger injuries

Injury wounds

Image of a foot

Post-operative wounds



A ligament

Sprains or strains

An xray

Tendonitis or arthritis


Herniated discs